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Bolle Safety supports London Search & Rescue

Bolle Safety supports London Search & Rescue in delivering better fitting safety eyewear in a more sustainable way!

At London Search & Rescue we issue our volunteers safety glasses upon joining the charity to avoid the risk of an eye injury while out searching for vulnerable and missing people.

However, it was clear that the range of eyewear we were issuing our teams were not being worn due to fogging and scratching issues as well as comfort, feel and not being very stylish. This led to non-compliance with members not wearing the glasses therefore creating a safety issue.

We approached leading eyewear specialist Bolle Safety to discuss our needs and how we would also prefer any new eyewear to be as sustainable as possible, i.e. reduce the amount of single use plastic we are handling as an organisation.

Upon consultation with Steve Lydiat, the Regional Manager for Bolle Safety in London, we decided to trial the new Ness+ which incorporates Bolle’s unique market leading coating Platinum. The coating is KN rated and applied to both sides of the lens

The feedback from our new starters was that the eyewear fits well, is comfortable, and does not fog up when getting hot whilst searching, which has previously always been a major issue. The Ness+ provides a better fit for all our members.

Bolle has also being able to meet our sustainability goals and supplied the Ness+ within its new non-plastic packaging, resulting in the removal of all single use plastic. Not only have Bolle removed the plastic packaging but also the paper user instructions as these are now printed on the inside of the carton the glasses are delivered within.

We would encourage all other Lowland Rescue teams to partner with Bolle just like we have to deliver improved wearer compliance and to help reduce single use plastic from our supply chain.

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