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Helyx donate compasses

Navigation is a key skill for all members of London Search & Rescue and this knowledge is put to use on every search.

Helyx Secure Information Systems have kindly donated 56 Silva compasses to aid our Navigation Training Team in delivering courses to LONSAR members across London. These will be used on NNAS courses, night navigation training, and as part of other in-house developed courses such as Woodland Search training.

LONSAR train all Search Technicians to Bronze Navigator NNAS level. Team Leaders and other specialist team members are trained to at least Silver Navigator NNAS level.

We are lucky to have a number of qualified Mountain Leaders and NNAS Tutors allowing us to provide high quality in-house training to the team.

Helyx are a professional services company, specialising in the provision of information management, information exploitation and geospatial information services and solutions.

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