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LONDON Search & Rescue



To deliver the highest standard of Search and Rescue capability to the Metropolitan Police



To end preventable loss of life in London


Our members strive for excellence and are expected to be selfless, dependable, trustworthy and courageous.


London Search and Rescue is a Lowland Rescue team, set up to assist the Police with searches for vulnerable missing persons within London, and beyond.


Our team is part of a much bigger network of 36 Lowland Rescue teams spread throughout the UK.  As a Lowland Rescue team, we offer the Metropolitan Police an emergency, specially-trained team, to assist in the search for vulnerable missing persons.


A vulnerable missing person could be a child, an older adult who has dementia or even someone who is considering taking their own life. In each case, an emergency response is vital.

London Search & Rescue will shortly be deploying various specialist resources, including water-based search teams, bike search teams and trackers. The team can operate a fully independent search, with its own radio communications equipment, IT and mapping facilities, and welfare support.


Nationally qualified Search Planners locate and prioritise search sectors; Operations Managers coordinate and deploy hardware and personnel;

Search Managers oversee the entire operation, coordinating with Police and other agencies for intelligence and resources such as Police helicopters.


On the ground, Search Technicians and Team Leaders apply thoroughly drilled skills, knowledge and experience to explore assigned sectors of all terrains efficiently, and take care of the missing person when they are found.


All of these people are professional, and all of them are 100% volunteers.