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Water Search Team.


Water can play a significant role in many of our searches in London with its many rivers, reservoirs, streams, lakes and ponds. Water Search Team are critical to searches which involve searching in, or around water.

All members of our Water Search Team are experienced search technicians and also hold further Lowland Rescue qualifications in the following disciplines.   

  • Water Bank Search Technician

  • Water First Responder

  • Water Rescue Technician

  • Boat Search Operations


Search Operations are able to deploy the team in a number of different ways dependent upon the search requirements.

LONSAR has a team of skilled Paddlecraft Search Technicians who provide kayak and SUP 'on water' search capabilities for the many rivers, lakes, ponds and canals of London.

Boat Search Teams are made up of search technicians that have qualified as Boat Handlers, whether that is an inflatable boat (RIB), a canoe or a kayak, and have also successfully completed the various relevant qualifications.

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