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Foot Search Team.


Foot search teams are a primary requirement for
most searches.

Foot search teams are used to search routes, paths, buildings, cemeteries, parks, fields, woodlands, rivers, ponds, canals, lakes, streams and much more.

They search anywhere someone can go missing within public spaces.

They do not search private domestic or commercial business premises and their surroundings without permission as this is all private property.

The search technician and therefore foot team is the backbone of LONSAR activities.

Every operational member needs to be qualified as a search specialist that will primarily operate on foot in a foot team.


This team is made up of three to five, but usually, four, Search Technicians that are qualified to Lowland Rescue national standards to undertake the roles of.


  • Lowland Rescue Team Leader

  • Radio Operator

  • Medic

  • Search Technician

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